Okay. The Mac Pro Blew My Mind. Watch This. ─ Jonathan Morrison

a REAL Mac Pro Review - https://youtu.be/jv5HIrOrn2o
The 2019 Mac Pro + Afterburner Accelerator Card just blew my mind. For fun, I decided to pull out a Vega II MPX Module and see if I could playback a 16K video. Uh. Crazy.

Check out Sita! https://open.spotify.com/track/4Uag0q...

To test out the Mac Pro Afterburner acceleration, I initially created a 4K Multi-Cam project with 9 and even 15 streams of 4.5K Pro Res 4444 XQ video which didn't even break a sweat on the Mac Pro. I figured let's make an 8K timeline, nah. Let's make a 16K timeline and the results blew me away.

MASSIVE Mac Pro + XDR Unboxing! https://youtu.be/CUFB8xVJ9iM

Talking MacBook Pro 16 with Phil Schiller! https://youtu.be/KjfxcL1S8Dc
14 inch MacBook Pro? https://youtu.be/1VV8e3BOOzc

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