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It's TIME to dive into more victories! SAMSUNG Gaming Monitor C27RG5.
240 Blazing-fast Refresh Rate, G-Sync Compatible, 1500R Curved Screen, 3000:1 High Contrast Rate.

Are you looking for a gaming monitor? The Magic Monitor Zone takes you through the 27" CRG5 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor. Feel the 240Hz blazing-fast refresh rate vs the old 60hz monitors. Enjoy tear-free extremely smooth and immersive gameplay with NVIDIA G-SYNC and 1500R curved screen.

C27RG5 240Hz G-Sync compatible curved gaming monitor is delivering next-level gaming experiences with the latest RapidCurve™ technology to immerse you like never before.

Gaming Monitor C27RG5: Main Features
- 240Hz Lightning-fast gameplay
- G-SYNC Compatible Exceptionally smooth gameplay
- 1500R Curved Screen The Winner's Curve for MAX immersion

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240Hz, G-Sync Compatible, 1500R Screen – The Gaming Monitor for Your Victory

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