5 Basement-Ninja Swords vs Slugs ─ TAOFLEDERMAUS

A viewers sent us a bunch of Chinese Samurai-katana-Ninja Swords to test their durability. These are mostly just display pieces. How tough are they? It turns out they are stronger than I expected. Danny did a great job in this video and probably lead-fouled his Mossberg quite a bit in the making of this!

After several months of NOT getting ads yanked from videos , we thought we were seeing the light at the end of tunnel, but unfortunately it was another train speeding towards us. We have gotten a lot of videos demonetized in the last week. Thankfully we have some great supporters on Patreon that allow me to sleep at night. We release the videos early for our supporters and also have a monthly give away of various cool objects we used in videos. http://bit.ly/2ETOBf9

Music by STONE McKNUCKLE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zaghurim

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