TECH CONFESSIONS - What We Didn't Want You to Know ─ Jonathan Morrison

Tech Drama? Nah. but sharing my deepest darkest tech confessions with you all know, I love you and stuff. Got a few other of your favorite tech YouTubers to do the same.
Check out my latest obsession:

The List of Shame:
Jon's Right Hand Man
Austin's Secret Lovers
Cody Ko's Former Side Piece
SnazzyQ's RIP Audiophile Cred
Zack's OLD Faithful
Sara Hates Better Things
Jud's New Thumb Workout Plan
Brandon Takes It Too Far

Subscribe to these shameful YouTubers anyway:
Austin "Jacked City" Evans:
Cody Mother f'n Ko:
Snazzy "Steely Blues" Q:
"Gunn Show" JerryRigEverything:
Sara "Just So Peachy" Dietschy:
"Godfather Level Street Cred" UrAvgConsumer
Brandon "Better Hair Than You" Havard

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