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I SOLD MY TECH… so we could make MONEY!! The Techsmartt team needed cash, so I decided to sell some of my old, unused tech and gadgets on Mercari. I went into the Techsmartt Vault to see if there were any cool, VIRAL products to sell to you guys. I found a Kodak Ektra phone, GoPro Hero 4, the TWO-SCREENED phone, the $99 Apple Colgate Toothbrush, and more!! Make sure to check out Mercari, it's super easy to sell your old stuff,and best part - items ship the next day!

Download the Mercari app to sell your stuff!!

GET THIS VIDEO TO 5,000 LIKES!! - I'll sell something HUGE on Mercari ;)

VIRAL Techsmartt Tech Links!
Apple Toothbrush -
R2D2 -
Kodak Phone -
Two-Screened Phone -
Snake -
GoPro -

I Bought the $99 Apple Toothbrush:

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