A 12ga slug as FAST as the SR-71 Blackbird! ─ TAOFLEDERMAUS

In this video we do more testing with the SlapShot slugs. First we show how much energy the "stock" 3000 fps PHD slugs have at incremental distances. Then we test out their special test loads designed for hunting. We hit 3610 fps, or 2461 MPH (Mach 3.207953) . This is as fast as the SR-71 flew in the thin air of 85,000 feet. But this is the muzzle-velocity as slugs decelerate pretty fast. Will they have enough energy to actually do substantial damage at "hunting range"?

Note: these slugs are only for RIFLED shotguns.

Due to YT's rules, I can't put a link to SlapShot's website but you can do a search "SlapShot USA slugs" and easily find their site. Neener neener.

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