4500 psi China Compressor for 200 $ - Crazy Complete Unboxing + Review ─ JoergSprave

Product link https://de.aliexpress.com/item/300BAR...

300 bar (=4350 psi) of pressure is the key to powerful airguns, no matter if you look at PCP guns, paintball guns or home made monsters. But we are talking 150 times the pressure of a car tire - so far electric compressors that could go that high cost 2000 $ and more.

Recently Chinese manufacturers started to offer much, much cheaper alternatives, sometimes under 200 $. But of course products directly imported from China virtually have no warranty and it happens often enough that all you get is a disappointment.

So we evaluated the products on the market and imported the most promising model to Germany. For a landed cost of about 330 dollars (air freight included), we got a full blown compressor with accessories!

This is a very complete inspection of the product. It starts with the unboxing, stretches over functionality tests and ends at the thing taken apart almost completely, to check whether or not it is worthwhile the risks.

A "The Slingshot Channel" production!

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