SKYNET Anti-Drone Shells - Do they live up to the hype? ─ TAOFLEDERMAUS

I hoped to get some sample rounds of these Skynet shells from the manufacturer. It's a pretty cheap way to get millions of eyeballs looking at your product. But... they ignored me. I have no shortage of stuff I need to shoot, so it wasn't the end of the world to not shoot these. But, a person named Jon contacted me and offered to buy these for us to test. These are a pretty complex round, and it seemed a lot could easily go wrong with them. Each shell is almost $7, and even more when you add shipping. These are designed to damage quadcopters either by impact or by fouling the props with the string.

We got 6 shells, we shot them all and show you the results, good or bad. Remember, this is not a sponsored video so there was no incentive to try to appease the company and only show cherry-picked shots.

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