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"All audible musical sound is given us for the sake of harmony, which has motions akin to the orbits in our soul, and which, as anyone who makes intelligent use of the arts knows, is not to be used, as is commonly thought, to give irrational pleasure, but as a heaven-sent ally in reducing to order and harmony any disharmony in the revolutions within us."

Watch The Man With The Seven Second Memory On Real Stories

Real Life: The Man With The Seven Second Memory by ITV Global Studios



Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks on Amazon

Music And The Mind by Anthony Storr on Amazon

How Music Works by John Powell on Amazon

Music, The Brain, And Ecstasy by Robert Jourdain on Amazon


Brains Of Deaf People Rewire To ‘Hear’ Music by Walter Neary

Kierkegarrd On Music

Thinking Sounds By Marcel Cobussen

Music And The Shopper by Kimberly Sean Moore

Why Music Plays A Big Role In What You Buy by Madeline Ford

The Subliminal Influence Of Ambient Music On Shoppers

Music And Emotions by Daniela and Bernd Willimek

The Theory Of Musical Equilibration

The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains by Belle Beth Cooper

Unborn Babies Played Music In The Womb ‘Remember The Melodies When They Are Born’

The Universal Language Of Lullaby

How Musical Is Man? by John Blacking

The Power Of Music by Oliver Sacks

Psychology Of Workout Music by Ferris Jabr


Neural Correlates Of Specific Musical Anhedonia

Effect Of Music-Movement Sychrony On Exercise Oxygen Consumption


Life Without Memory: The Case Of Clive Wearing From The Mind PBS, Produced by Colorado State University, 1988

Neaderthal In Shanidar Cave by Alton Tobey uploaded by Amanda 737

Brain Scans of Patients With Parkinsonian Symptoms by psjrbrown

Music Walking Program For Parkinson’s University Of Calgary

Hope by George Frederic Watts


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Contributing Researcher & Editor Matthew Tabor, Koala Fight Media

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