The 12ga. Slug with a 9mm Round Inside? - Brutal Damage! ─ TAOFLEDERMAUS

I got these slugs from Germany in June and I have been trying to figure out a safe yet exciting way to demonstrate them. These were designed to fit a 9mm round inside them. Without a round, they weigh 1.5 times the weight of a 1oz. slug. This required a carefully researched powder load. These were fun slugs because they were relatively accurate and the fragmentation and power was unexpected and giggle-inducing. These were meant to be shot through either a rifled choke or full rifling to obtain spin-stabilization, but because I was leery about the tolerances, we shot them through a cylinder-bore for safety.

Attempting to recreate what we demonstrate is done at your own risk.

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I just got that steel target and will be discussing it more in future videos. It was delivered as I was loading up my truck to go film this.

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